Project 10: A carved sculpture

I didn’t take any photographs whilst carving this piece as I couldn’t locate my camera for a time, but this is what I ended up with:

Plaster carving 1

The plaster was quite easy to carve, although the down side of that was its propensity to flake off in sections where you didn’t want it to!

I drilled the hole using a wood drill in multiple locations and tried to make the edges smooth but textured the front and back with a curved carving chisel in a random fashion.

This would have been the point I carved in the design I had carved in my clay model, but I decided that this would be lost in the textured background so chose instead to glues on string:

Plaster carving 2 Plaster carving 3

I painted this in white gesso, filling in some bubble holes and sanding the edges to get them as smooth as possible. Then I proceeded to paint it. I see working in plaster as a step on the way to producing bronze (or similar) sculptures rather than an end in itself, so I aimed to get colours similar to that which would be achieved in bronze patination.

This started off well

Plaster carving paint1

Bling sculpture anyone?!

Plaster carving paint2

This is where I decided to call it a day and accept that my painting skills aren’t quite up to scratch!

Plaster carving final 1 Plaster carving final 2 Plaster carving final 3 Plaster carving final 4Plaster carving final 5 Plaster carving final 6 Plaster carving final 7 Plaster carving final 8

28 x 33 x 15cm
Plaster, string, acrylic

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