Project 8 – Appraisal of outcomes

Demonstration of technical and visual skills


I had not deviated from the course this time and used plaster. The firewood used to impress the design works well.


Cutting the plaster blocks to fit them together was not easy and took a few attempts to get right. Getting it perfect would have been very difficult indeed, but I have embraced the imperfections of the joins.

Observational Skills:

The end result matched the initial idea I had in my first sketch.

Design and Compositional Skills:

The box shape works well stood on one of its corners and the wood impressions provide bold marks.

Quality of Outcome

I am pleased with this sculpture and it actually looks better than I was expecting it to look. The use of charcoal could have been experimented with a bit more, maybe rubbed into the whole sculpture then rubbed off the highlights?

Demonstration of Creativity

Due to the amount of time I have spent on bronze casting, I devoted less time to this project than to the previous one (although it still took a considerable amount of time – how anyone produces anything in the time stated in the course notes I have no idea!). This meant that I followed my early idea and didn’t work on developing it further. I think that was because I am less inspired by bas-relief than other sculptural forms.


The thinking behind this sculpture was to represent mans need to control nature in the containing of irregular natural objects into a fixed regular container.


Bas-relief was interesting to experiment with, but it is probably not an area I think I will continue to work in.

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