Project 7 – Appraisal of outcomes

Demonstration of technical and visual skills


Clay slip was good to work with and offers a lot of potential to make repeated shapes. I’m hooked on bronze which is a lovely material to work with.


This project involved a great deal of technical skills which whilst I have not mastered yet, I think I have worked through pretty successfully.

Observational Skills:

‘Untitled’ came about through experimenting with the techniques and materials. ‘Bell pit 1’ was from a fully formed idea developing my ideas from a similar map based printing project. ‘Bell pit 2’ was playing around with a smaller version of the above. ‘The flick 2’ was trying out different techniques and materials to cast from life, with the subject from my previous sculpture.

Design and Compositional Skills:

‘Unititled’ – the ball arrangement works well here, but the base plaster is too thin and looks contrived on the four plaster pillars.

‘Bell pit 1’ – this piece is too regular a shape to work well.

‘Bell pit 2’– the irregular shape of this piece works much better than the bigger piece.

‘The flick 2’ – As a life-cast only the position of the hand is important in this regard, which was taken from my previous sculpture.

Quality of Outcome

‘Untitled’ has a more unfinished outcome which my tutor has been encouraging me to embrace. ‘Bell pit 1’ returns to a precise shape for which it suffers, ‘Bell pit 2’ works much more successfully for its roughness and has more energy because of it. ‘The flick 2’ worked quite well for a life cast, but personally has limited appeal as I prefer sculpture which show skill in modelling/construction rather than ready-mades/life casts/assemblages.

Demonstration of Creativity

I think that the technical aspects of the sculptures I chose to make in this stage has got in the way of creativity to some extent. ‘Untitled’ is the most creative of the sculptures produced in this stage, but I should have paid more attention to the base of the sculpture.


‘Untitled’ is an attempt to embrace unfinished materials in a similar way to the work of Adrián Villar Rojas.

‘Bell pit 1’ is a development of a similar map based printing project and ‘The flick 2’ is a development of my previous sculpture.


An interesting exploration of casting techniques with some thoughts to take forwards on the type of finish I wish to achieve on my pieces.

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