Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

I visited this exhibition at The Tetley in Leeds on 26 January 2015.

An interesting selection of drawings, all of which seem to have been chosen because they are “different” or “off the wall”. So, no wonder then that the winning piece is actually an audio track of someone describing an unknown object in a way one might draw it. There were photo-realism pieces (I can appreciate the skill involved, but they leave me cold), paper-cuts, paintings, pencil, charcoal and film. I don’t know what the submissions were like, but they seem to have picked one of everything and it made me wonder if that became the winning criteria!

Some of my favourites:

Jemma Appleby ‘#2230113’, 2013 – A tonal charcoal image which is reminiscent of a B&W photo of Bauhaus architecture.

Gary Edwards ‘There are no owls #1’, 2014 – Abstract image in graphite with marks made by scratching/distressing the surface.

Hilary Ellis ‘Enigma II’, 2014 – Threads through paper and knotted to look like a page of text.

Annette Fernando ‘Wait a minute, it’s the truth and truth hurts XIV’ 2013 – Ink drawing of a crumpled page with text on. Very skilfully done and an evocative image.

Michael Griffiths ‘Spectrum’, 2014 – Bold white lines through dark charcoal on one side, subtle crease marks on the other under oil pastel lines which work well together as a whole.

Jonathan Huxley ‘Breakdown’, 2014 – A very evocative and suggestive scene created with no defined lines, as if viewed through a fog.

Alzberta Jaresova ‘Position XVI’, 2014 – A very skilled drawing which asks questions about what the woman is doing / thinking.

Aileen Keith ‘Jetsam’, 2013 – A very bold images. Not clear what it is saying, but I like it.

Sigrid Muller ‘Seed Pods’, 2014 – Lovely tone and form.

Hitesh Natalwala ‘Untitled I’, 2013 & ‘Untitled 2’, 2013 – These look like sculpture designs which are interesting on their own. The background is also fascinating, being made up of hundreds of tiny cut out rectangles with small gaps around them, cut from the text of some kind of medical form. These were my favourite images of the exhibition.


Taylor, Anita, and Parker Harris, eds. Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014. London: Jerwood Visual Arts, 2014. Print.

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