Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

From my tutor feedback from assignment 1, I have picked out the main issues I need to concentrate on as I proceed through the course:

I need to vary the weight and intensity of my lines.

Ellipses – remember that the nearer to your eye level, the shallower they will be. I didn’t pick up on this (and got it wrong) in most of my drawings.

Perspective – Need to make sure that the parallel lines going away from you on an object on a flat surface will converge at your eye level. I didn’t consciously take this into account in any of my drawings (and again got it wrong in many of them as they were mainly parallel).

Lettering on objects – need to describe the shapes (not the meaning) and they need to follow the shape of the object they are on (particularly relevant to my supermarket shop drawing).

Hatching – need to try to make the marks longer, more controlled and varying in weights, as I have used lots of short lines of the same intensity.

Do either a tonal drawing or an outline, but not both – particularly relevant to my still life of natural objects drawing where I had outlined all the objects in thick charcoal before adding the tone.

Contour shading – need to make sure I follow the form more accurately.

Edges – Need to be aware of the way I describe the edges of objects and what they are adjacent to and make more use of negative space.

There was also a comment on the colouring being out of control and uneven, but I was well aware of this weakness in the drawing – I had got to the stage that it had taken me 2-3 weeks to get to that point and I was also kicking myself for using cartridge paper rather than something thicker that wouldn’t have buckled, so I thought I just had to finish at some point and send it in! It is an area I am aware that I need to work on more, and I will experiment more in stage 2.

Learning log – need to include more material outside the course structure and get excited about it. I think I will improve this as I progress through the course, and when I hopefully have more time after the end of this year.

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