Project – Exploring coloured media

Exercise – Exploring coloured media

Image of my sketchbook with experiments in coloured media.

Exploring coloured media

It is interesting to do some experimentation, but I think I work better when I have an idea in mind and then experiment to achieve the effect I want to get, so I am sure I will experiment more with these mediums as I go forwards.

Research Point

Barlow, Fancis (c.1626 – 1704)

Francis Barlow was an English painter, etcher and draughtsman, possibly apprenticed to William Sheppard before 1650. Given the theme on this section, I have selected some of his drawings of birds and animals to examine, which he frequently drew from life.

Partridges and snipe

Fish on a bank

Mares and foals


All four of these images show great observation skills in depicting the animals shape and form and they all look very lifelike (the horse with all legs extended in the background aside, as this was the “accepted” way which horses where thought to run at the time, before Eadweard Muybridge carried out his studies on animal locomotion in the 1870’s).

However, all of the images are very cluttered, either full of animals or birds, or in the case of the single fish, by the surrounding vegetation.



Oxford Art Online:

Bridgeman Education:

Glexis Novoa (1964-    )

Glexis Novoa was born in Cuba, moved to Mexico for a few years, before settling in Miami. He has worked in many forms of media but is known for his graphite site specific wall drawings. These drawings usually feature the built environment, with a mixture of the imagined and real, and often show a dystopian world, devoid of people.

2006 Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

2007 Freedom Tower

2008 David Castillo Gallery

2008 David Castillo Gallery – detail

2009 Henry Street Settlement

The images all show the precise attention to detail Glexis Novoa achieves in his drawings and his perspective skills are superb.


Vitamin D – New Perspectives in Drawing. Joanna Burton, Emma Dexter et al. Phaidon, 2005

Check and log

Which of the media you experimented with did you find the most expressive?

  • Chalk and pastels as they give bold marks, dip pen is also expressive as its smooth flow encourages expressive mark making.

Which medium do you think lends itself to very detailed work?

  • Dip pen and coloured pencils
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