Assignment 1 – Reflection

So, how do I think I have done? I’m rather chuffed with the results of this assignment. They are by no means perfect and I still have a lot to learn, but I feel I have improved quickly since starting the course.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Apart from the paper type, I think my choice of materials was good. My technique is improving, particularly in terms of hatching. I think I chose two good compositions, well balanced and both of which filled the page well. I am also pleased with my observational skills, particularly with the man-made still life, where the longer I worked on it, the more I noticed.

Quality of Outcome

I think I applied my drawing skills, representation of tone and form, etc. well to these drawings. I thought out the arrangement of the objects, viewpoint height and planned the materials to use. The quality of the outcome suffers due to the paper I used in both assignments though.

Demonstration of Creativity

I am pleased with the way these assignments went, I will await my tutors views with interest.


Reflection and critical thinking is my learning log I guess. I started out slowly with this, but think I am getting into the swing of it now. My research is probably not up to scratch yet, but I am sure will improve as I go through the course.

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