This blog will follow my progress on an OCA Creative Arts degree course.

Level 1

‘Drawing 1′

Started in February 2012, finished in February 2014.

Mark of 41%

I picked this course to give me an introduction to studying with OCA, not because I had a passion for drawing. At the time I received this mark I was very disappointed, however, in retrospect I did produce poor areas of work and was not fully engaged with the course. It also demonstrated to me the level of work which was required to achieve decent marks on this course.

‘Printmaking 1′

Started in July 2012, finished in June 2014.

Mark of 58%

I had more of an interest and passion for printmaking and that showed in the achievement of a higher mark in this course. I was working on this at the same time as ‘Drawing 1’ though, so had not learnt all the lessons from this course and the low mark achieved.

‘Sculpture 1′

Started in February 2014, finished in August 2015.

Mark of 60%

This is where my true passions lie, but at the time of starting my OCA journey, I had no workshop space available which is why I started with the two courses above. At the point I completed these courses though, I had moved to a house with a double garage which I converted into my workshop. On starting this course I was more confident in what I was doing and was encouraged by my tutor to use the course notes more as guidance than strict instructions to follow. I worked on my research which was a weakness in my earlier courses, my marks suffered mostly in the areas of research/self-reflection and my sketchbook work.

Level 2

‘Sculpture 2′

Started in August 2015, finished in July 2017

Mark of 61%

Continuing on from Sculpture 1, I found my voice in this course and produced work I was very pleased with. My marks are plateauing now so maybe this is where I will end up at.

‘Drawing 2′

Started in August 2017, finished in August 2019

Mark of 65%

A bit daunting going back to drawing after my bare scrape through the level 1 course, but I feel more confident in my abilities now and hope to keep my mark up to the same level.

Level 3

‘Body of work’ and ‘Research′

Started in February 2020